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Weathercast Bot chat bot

Weathercast Bot

Weather forecast for your current location or wherever you want! ⛅️☔️❄️

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My Weather chat bot

My Weather

Weather by location. Just send your ( or another ) location to bot and you will get a weather in location.

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meteogram chat bot


Bot che raccoglie molte informazioni sullo stato attuale del tempo con immagini satellitari,cartine,allerte e la situazione del traffico in italia....

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El Bot del Tiempo chat bot

El Bot del Tiempo

Weather bot for Spain. You can get a 7-day forecast, get a notification if it is going to rain or set a daily alert. All data is from AEMet (spanish ...

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Weather condition bot chat bot

Weather condition bot

Everything about weather ⛅️. 📍 Any city in the world 🗺.

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Weather Bot

Welcome to the Weatherbot! Available commands: /setlocation Set your location /setunits Set the temperature units /temperature Display the temperature /forecast Display a forecast for the next 7 days /humidity Display ...

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Forecast / Weather Bot

Shows you the current weather conditions and a forecast for the next days at your location. Supports fahrenheit and US postal codes. You can set a hourly/daily/weekly reminder.

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RU24Bot - Simple Bot

A simple bot that can help you to know the weather (and for the week) and you can play Russian roulette, etc.

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Weather bot

AnyBots team is glad to present you our weather bot for facebook. You can get weather forecast for today, tomorrow or five days for almost any place in the world ...

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