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Hack Safe chat bot

Hack Safe

Hack Safe - online game, where players hacking the safe, picking up his 4-digit key. Hack the Safe first and take all money.

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Piranha-online game chat bot

Piranha-online game

Piranha – the first MMO bot game with person-to-person battles. Attack, Defend, Run or Hide!!! Eat them All and become the biggest and predatory fish. Welcome to Piranha world.

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Zombie Dice chat bot

Zombie Dice

Based on the Zombie Dice game: You're a zombie, racing to be the first to eat 13 yummy human brains. But those humans fight back. Press your luck. Keep ...

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Xbox Games With Gold chat bot

Xbox Games With Gold

Every month Live Gold give for us some games for free so if you are interested i can show the games for you monthly.

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Words Game chat bot

Words Game

This is a simple game where you need to "say" words. Every next word must start from the last letter of a previous word. For example buS - SouP - ...

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Word Game Goroda chat bot

Word Game Goroda

Simple Russian game called "Cities" (Goroda). Participant must come up with a new word that begins with the last letter of the previous word. Repeat impossible.

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“Rock-Paper-Scissors” game chat bot

“Rock-Paper-Scissors” game

Старая игра по-новому! Сразись со своим другом или со случайным игроком прямо в Telegram и выиграй! Это все та же игра из детства, только теперь можно играть не просто "на ...

Telegram   Giochi   |  2019 |  0. |   0
Werewolf Moderator chat bot

Werewolf Moderator

A bot that moderates games for Telegram groups. Full information available at

Telegram   Giochi   |  1923 |  0. |   0
Warframe Alerts Bot chat bot

Warframe Alerts Bot

Alerts feed of Warframe

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First strategy game chat bot

First strategy game

The first strategy game of Telegram. You can grow crops🍞, change them to gold💰, run quests🚀, fight with other players ⚔, and develop your village. Enjoy!

Telegram   Giochi   |  2019 |  0. |   0
Vetusware chat bot


This bot provides user interface for site. You can register, search for software and get download links.

Telegram   Giochi   |  1801 |  0. |   0
Game Hello, Stranger! chat bot

Game Hello, Stranger!

Absorbing online text quest! You got a message on your phone from a stranger whose name is Alice saying she was kidnapped. Rescue the girl by giving her advice. The ...

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The Walking Dead Game bot chat bot

The Walking Dead Game bot

This is The Walking Dead game bot You will get new updates by sending start one time. LOVE Clem

Telegram   Giochi   |  2811 |  0. |   0
Truth Or Dare chat bot

Truth Or Dare

Truth or Dare, how far are you willing to go to prove yourself to your friends? (+18)

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Truth or Dare Game chat bot

Truth or Dare Game

!!! TRUTH OR DARE GAME !!! 1. You Will Choose Truth Or Dare. 1. I Will Ask You To Answer Me Truthfully Or Do Some Works And Share It With ...

Telegram   Giochi   |  2119 |  0. |   0
Trivia Bot chat bot

Trivia Bot

Test your trivia knowledge. Add to groups to compete with friends

Telegram   Giochi   |  2075 |  0. |   0
Battleship game chat bot

Battleship game

Battleship, морской бой, можно поиграть с ботом в морской бой.

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Tic-Tac-Toe Game Bot chat bot

Tic-Tac-Toe Game Bot

:space_invader: The famous game now and in the Telegram! :trophy: Top 5 list players! :pray: Smart Artificial Intelligence!

Telegram   Giochi   |  2005 |  0. |   0
Tic-Tac-Bot chat bot


This bot sends simply arrangement to win TicTacToe :D

Telegram   Giochi   |  1925 |  0. |   0
TheConnect4Bot chat bot


@TheConnect4Bot lets you play Connect 4 against your friends and against strangers.

Telegram   Giochi   |  1887 |  0. |   0
Hodor chat bot


This is THE BEST Hodor Bot on Telegram -------------------------------------------------------- Engage in mind blowing conversations with the most beloved character of Game of Thrones. Every time you send a message you ...

Telegram   Giochi   |  2029 |  0. |   0
The 2048 Game chat bot

The 2048 Game

Play famous 2048 game in Telegram!

Telegram   Giochi   |  2006 |  0. |   0
Super Game Bot chat bot

Super Game Bot

Multiple telegram games

Telegram   Giochi   |  1962 |  0. |   0
SteamStore chat bot


Search games in steam store, get game screenshots, get latest news about game. Inline mode for sharing links on games without opening your browser :)

Telegram   Giochi   |  1790 |  0. |   0
TruthOrDare chat bot


This bot is designed for you and your friends to have an awesome game of Spin the bottle during your normal evening party!!! 😂😂😂😂👋👋👋😄😄

Telegram   Giochi   |  2562 |  0. |   0
Deep Space Drifter chat bot

Deep Space Drifter

SpaceDrifterBot allows you to play classic interactive fiction game, created by Michael J. Roberts and Steve McAdams in 1990. Stranded in deep space after running out of fuel, you luck ...

Telegram   Giochi   |  1849 |  0. |   0
SHARPgamers chat bot


Join SHARPgamers family.Follow us on YouTube and Instagram Let's start

Telegram   Giochi   |  1861 |  0. |   0
Scopa Bot chat bot

Scopa Bot

Gioca a scopa e scopone scientifico contro altri utenti o contro il computer!

Telegram   Giochi   |  2174 |  0. |   0
سنگ کاغذ قبچی✌✊ chat bot

سنگ کاغذ قبچی✌✊

سلام به بازی سنگ کاغذ قیچی خوش امدید برای عضو شدن /start و برای لغو عضو شدن /stop رو بفریت

Telegram   Giochi   |  1642 |  0. |   0
Best RPG in Telegram chat bot

Best RPG in Telegram

Первый RPG-бот с интересной механикой боя⚔🎯, заклинаниями💥 и другими клёвыми штуками😎 Вступай в наши ряды и выигрывай!👑

Telegram   Giochi   |  2241 |  0. |   0
Rpg Dice Bot chat bot

Rpg Dice Bot

A bot for rolling dices in rpg notation.

Telegram   Giochi  Utilità   |  2460 |  0. |   0
Roshambo s. Rock-Paper-Scissor chat bot

Roshambo s. Rock-Paper-Scissor

Battle your friend or a random player right in Telegram and win! It's the same game from your childhood, but now you don't just play for "fun", you play for ...

Telegram   Giochi   |  2096 |  0. |   0
Rom Delivery Bot chat bot

Rom Delivery Bot

A bot that search and send ROMs from various old videogames. Very simple to use.

Telegram   Giochi   |  1620 |  0. |   0
Protocore chat bot


Protocore is a text-based MMO space exploration game. Protocore has ship upgrades, items, outposts, quests, and more for you to discover in a massive, procedurally-generated universe, and leaderboards for you ...

Telegram   Giochi   |  1777 |  0. |   0
Quizarium chat bot


Quizarium is a fast paced and addictive quiz game! It’s like trivia because it’s about answering questions. But it’s unlike trivia because you have no answer options but unlimited attempts. ...

Telegram   Giochi  Istruzione   |  2110 |  0. |   0
Quidiz For Telegram chat bot

Quidiz For Telegram

Build your own quiz and conduct it with your friends too!

Telegram   Giochi   |  1986 |  0. |   0
Questag chat bot


You see 4 pictures. Guess witch tag all pictures have.

Telegram   Giochi   |  1865 |  0. |   0
PS4 games list chat bot

PS4 games list

This bot sends you list of new games every week Or you can see a list of all games.Also you can receive dualshock4's pictures and the latest news from PlayStation ...

Telegram   Giochi   |  2046 |  0. |   0
PokemonGoBot chat bot


The bot will help you to find your local Telegram group about Pokémon GO

Telegram   Giochi   |  1836 |  0. |   0
Game “Hello, Stranger!” chat bot

Game “Hello, Stranger!”

The first text game quest for Telegram! Your goal is to help the main character to escape the ocean depths alive in real time. The “Hello, Stranger!” game already won ...

Telegram   Giochi   |  1772 |  0. |   0
The Hangman chat bot

The Hangman

Hi, i am the Hangman, master of Hangman games! My duty is to organize and play Hangman games with you and your friends and ensure that we will have fun! ...

Telegram   Giochi   |  2013 |  0. |   0
Piranha - online game chat bot

Piranha - online game

Piranha – the first MMO bot game with person-to-person battles. Attack, Defend, Run or Hide!!! Eat them All and become the biggest and predatory fish. Welcome to Piranha world.

Telegram   Giochi   |  2000 |  0. |   0
Penaltyme Bot chat bot

Penaltyme Bot

Play a penalty shootout with a real 📺 video visualisation! Send where would you ⚽ shot the ball or 👻 jumped as a goalkeeper. ↖⬆↗ ↙⬇↘

Telegram   Giochi   |  1866 |  0. |   0
pc games chat bot

pc games

The whole news update about pc games don't miss it!!!!! For nor information and help u can contact to me @yudati

Telegram   Giochi   |  1845 |  0. |   0
XO Game chat bot

XO Game

The famous XO Game ⭕️ Play TicTocToe game with your friends or random players in telegram! Have fun!

Telegram   Giochi   |  2512 |  0. |   0
Origin On the House chat bot

Origin On the House

This bot will notify you when there are new games On the House. Games On the House are games provided by Origin as free.

Telegram   Giochi   |  1741 |  0. |   0
MyPokerBot chat bot


MyPokerBot lets you play ♠️♥️♣️♦️ Texas Hold 'em Poker with Telegram users at a 5 person table

Telegram   Giochi   |  1795 |  0. |   0
Multiplayer TicTacToe chat bot

Multiplayer TicTacToe

Let's ALL play Tic Tac Toe! Everyone chatting with this bot participates in playing 1 Tic Tac Toe game!:) Different people make moves for "O" or "X". You will get ...

Telegram   Giochi   |  1579 |  0. |   0
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